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Premiere Issue
Winter Solstice 2008

Table of Contents


Reflections on Crone Ann Kreilkamp, Editor
Exploring the Archetype

"Women come in and I welcome them." Ann Kreilkamp, Editor
Interview with Womanspirit editor and Crone, Jean Mountaingrove

Ocean Surrenders to Cloud Ann Kreilkamp, Editor
Conversations with a Dying Crone


Focus Ann Kreilkamp, Editor
Crone: Women Coming of Age began with a phone call in April 2006.

Crone Lives Faith Petric
Life as a Geritol Gypsy

Crone Poetry Katherine West
Poetry by and about women of ancient years

Crone Encounters Jackie Turner
Stories of Crones, In Baba Yaga’s Embrace, Hot Tub of My Fate

Crone Circles Jean Stein
Women of Ancient Wisdom: San Diego Crones

Crone Pilgrimage Vita Laume
What is Your Sacred Ground?

Crone Action Jean Shinoda Bolen
I Have My Assignment, Do You Have Yours?

Crone Eye Terry Usrey
Reviews from Our Readers

Coda Anne Newkirk Niven, Managing Editor
“With your permission, dear reader, I’d like to share the journey of what is means to be a Crone with you.”


Living the Shift Notes from the Journey - Joan Bird
“One of the most important things we can learn is that we’re not always right. The humility that comes from that particular insight is a great gift.”

Crone Reflections Born-Again Boots - Rita Bresnahan
“These steel-toed giants have cushioned aching feet from teetering rocks, they have forded rushing mountain streams.”

Living in the Now Learning How - Angela Ferre
“I let go of all expectations and disappear into a sense that it doesn’t matter whether anything gets written down this morning…”

Family Crone Finding My Place - Connie Dawson
“When to stick my nose into someone’s business and when to keep my two cents in my pocket: a recent experience illustrates this fine line.”

Crone Sexuality Does Everything Change? - Pat Hanson
“Our perspectives on “then” and “now” either enrich or diminishes our experience of the autumn and winter seasons of sexuality.”

Crone Money Plotting Our Course in Changing Times - Peg Downey
“A planner can help answer the worries that might be troubling you and give you options you might now have explored.”

Wise Health Message of Disease: Don’t Shoot the Messenger - Christine Page, MD
“The essence of well-being consists of the wise and insightful use of energy that appreciates every moment, connects us richly to loved ones and celebrates a life well-lived.”

(Not So) Strictly Speaking Making Up by Making Do - Lindy High
“The skin-care industry’s job is to come up with concoctions they say will restore our skin. Our job is to pay for them.”

Eco-Crone Down to Earth - Marian Van Eyk McCain
“I celebrate my shrinking, my wrinkling, my aging, the slow arc of my journey back to the soil.”

Croning Coming of Age CeremoniesBayla Bower
“When we engage in the process of croning, we can activate our potential as wisdom carriers and guardians of the future by learning of our ancient crone heritage....”

Crone Cycles Patterns for Fall and Winter 2008 - Barbara Hand Clow
“The world is not about to end, only our limited view of it needs to end.”