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Ann Kreilkamp
Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. 66, is founder and editor of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001) and a long-term SageWoman columnist. See her book, This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation, at Ann works to transform her neighborhood into a sustainable village and her household into an urban farmstead.

Joan Bird
Joan Bird, at fifty-nine, lives near Helena, Montana with her partner Max. Joan works as a change agent, community weaver, and writer.
Bayla Bower
Bayla Bower, activist in the crone community since 1993, Bayla is a ritualist, writer and craftswoman who lives in Berkeley, California. Her email is
Connie Dawson
Connie Dawson, seventythree, lives near Langley, Washington. She has co-authored two books for parents, Growing Up Again and How Much Is Enough.
Angele Ferre
Angele Ferre, seventy eight, lives in a tiny cabin with her longterm partner high in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico where no street lights or traffic interfere with the night sky and its talking stars who tell stories of what has gone before and what we must learn to become truly human.
Pat Hanson
Pat Hanson, Ph.D., 63, has been a health and sexuality educator for over thirty years. She is currently working on a book Hopelessly Heterosexual? Memoirs of an Aging But Not Fading Sex Educator.
Lindy High
Lindy High, is a former journalist who recently retired after years of state employment in Idaho, where she often introduced herself as the state’s “most experienced bureaucrat.” She now knits, reads mysteries, and does research into the life of Margaret Beaufort, who, sadly, died in 1509.
Christine Page
Christine Page, M.D., has over thirty years of experience in the caring professions as a medical doctor and homeopath. Her website is and you may reach her at
Marion McCain
Marion Van Eyk McCain, is the author of several books, including Elderwoman and The Lilypad List. She welcomes visitors to her websites at and can email her with your questions and comments or write to her care of Crone.
Marion McCain
Lee Pelham Cotton, lives in an old farmhouse in Tidewater Virginia with an English husband, four English mastiffs, assorted kitties, a Saint Bernard, an Irish wolfhound and, most recently, a pug named Figaro. When Lee was little, she carried white mice in her (well-ventilated) purse to Richmond to see Santa Claus and brought frogs home (along with a generous quantity of pond-water) from day-camp so they could watch Star Trek episodes and share the stories next day with their friends back in the pond. You may contact her at

Department Heads
Maggie Fenton
Maggie Fenton, Crone Review Editor, is fifty-nine and learning how to be a crone in Galena, Ohio. Her career has ranged from running an IT consulting firm to doing spiritual direction and management consulting. Grandsons, four-legged friends, nature, music, literature, and sailing are a few of her passions.
no photo
Vita Laume, Crone Pilgrimage Editor, is seventy and has been a pilgrim all her life. Born in Lithuania, she crosses continents and oceans. She is a crone, an educator, therapist, hospice worker, writer and poet.
Jackie Turner
Jackie Sachen Turner, Crone Encounters Editor. In addition to managing her editing and publishing business, she creates poetry, writes fiction, and likes to draw. With a supportive husband, two wonderful sons and many friends, Jackie finds time to smile a lot.
Pamala Corcoran photo
P. L. Corcoran, Crone Lives Editor, remembers when she was much older and more tired than she is now. At the start of her sixth decade she’s communing with the ocean and lighthouse on an island off Massachusetts’ North Shore. She practices possibility by land stewardship caretaking and dream weaving with kindred spirits.
Jean Stein
Jean Stein, Crone Circles Editor, at sixty-three, is the Coordinator of Volunteers at the Kroc Corps Community Center. Jean has served on advisory boards of both the Older Women’s League & Crones Counsel.
Katherine West
Katherine West, Crone Poetry Editor, Katherine West makes her home in the mountains near Loveland, Colorado. She is a member of the editorial collective of Green Fuse Community Press. Her new collection The Bone Train, was published in 2008.