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by Ann Kreilkamp, Editor

Until 2008, barring “acts of God”
— death, fire, hurricane, etc.
— we could count on a reliable set of
assumptions upon which to build meaning. No longer.

“Impermanence” has been wrenched from its formal status as a remote object of Buddhist contemplation to up close and personal. I am among those who are undergoing such massive transformation that it has obliterated the meaning of the stories we tell in this issue. Yet, if we rewrite them to fit our current context, would they ring true in ten minutes?

How to even read a “periodical” when regularity no longer exists and words lose their referents, rattle like shells?

I speak from experience. I also speak as an astrologer.

Current astrological transits mirror the acceleration. From 2008 through 2016 we are being hurtled through what is being depicted by interpreters of the Mayan Calendar as a galactic ramp up, its apex at the end of 2012. And, as if in synchrony with this grander cosmic context, during this same time frame five of our tiny solar system’s slow-moving planets — first Pluto and Uranus, then Jupiter and Saturn, and for a short while, quickly moving Mars — inexorably skew their way into a rare “grand cross in cardinal signs” of Initiation. Initiation into what? “Only time will tell” — except that time collapses along with the money economy.

Transition into the unknown feels rocky, unsettling, scary — and, for those aware and prepared, exhilarating. As time accelerates, conscious intention manifests as quickly as whip-lash. Likewise, old patterns return to wreak vengeance, their wake-up calls like a shotgun blast. The interval between emotionally shocking events shortens, allowing less and less time to process and integrate. Imagine our internal state by 2012, when, if the Mayans are right, time will have accelerated to warp speed!

Were our lightning-fast technology to crash tomorrow, we would still be in a process of acceleration that forces near continuous choice between connection (love) and separation (fear). Indeed, we may soon be so hooked up that we no longer need technology. Imagine! Those who embrace transformation alchemized into communion, surfing the waves of invisible currents in the river of universal life.

I pray that I surrender to awareness of the present moment so fully that my grasping ego finally dissolves into oneness.

If you can’t remember anything you just read here, never mind! Memory too, may soon be obsolete.