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Issue No. 2
Summer into Winter 2009

Table of Contents


  4  Mission: Crone Win Fiandaca
Creation, Collaboration, Consensus

 10  The Whole Catastrophe Susan Chernak McElroy
In Sickness & In Health & So Much More

 20  Creating a Culture Susan Ann Stauffer
also, Pearls of Wisdom from Crones Counsel
and Crone Action: A Breath Away


  1  Focus Ann Kreilkamp
Until 2008, we could count on a reliable set of
assumptions upon which to build meaning. No longer.

 35  Crone Poetry Katherine West - Poetry by and about women of ancient years

 43  Loss & Transformation Judy A Johnson
My Perfectly-Shaped Skull; Opa’s Gift; Uncorked: Life with the Granties

 52  Crone Lives P. L. Corcoran
We Are Each Other’s Angels; Caretaking Means Taking Care;
Shaped By the Winds of Change

 67  Crone Encounters Jackie Turner
Leapfrog; the Mirror; Hecate, the World Tree & Me

 76  Crone CirclesJean Stein - Santa Cruz Area Crones

 79  Crone PilgrimageVita Laume - Visiting Lois After Her Diagnosis

110  Crone EyeTerry Usrey - Reviews from Our Readers

120  Crone Correspondence - Letters from Our Readers

125  Coda Anne Newkirk Niven - Voice of the Publisher


 85  Living the Shift Notes from the Journey - Joan Bird
“Kabang! Kabang! Kaboom! Winter’s first storm screamed down from the heights of the Continental Divide. Our metal roof panels crashed down again and again, repeatedly jarring us from a comfortable slide into sleep.”

 89  Living in the Now Body as Teacher - Angela Ferre
“My now can only be its fullness in each blink of an eye. It seems such a small expectation, this sixty seconds of what is considered time’s minute — registering on clocks, watches, calendars and date books.”

 92  Family Crone Two Rules for Family Discord - Connie Dawson
“My goal was to shift the roving spotlight of fault-finding off myself. Excuses multiplied: the dog ate my homework; the traffic kept me from being on time. The husband was at fault for our divorce. The list was lengthy.”

 95  Crone Sexuality Manners, Mores & Masturbation: 1899-2009 - Pat Hanson
“I decided to “do theatre” this year for my sixty-fourth birthday. After reading a rave review of the world premiere of the dramatic comedy In the Next Room in the New York Times, and realizing it was only one hundred miles away at Berkeley Rep, I got tickets with another veteran sexuality educator, also born in 1945.”

 99  Wise Health Following the Pulse of Your Soul - Christine Page, MD
“A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, causing her to feel faint and out of breath. In her mid-sixties, Maureen was pleased with her commitments as a mother and wife; her children and grandchildren were settled in their own lives and her husband was enjoying the advantages of retirement.”

101  (Not So) Strictly Speaking One Fashion Rule Still Applies - Lindy High
“Call me a fashion fuddyduddy, but I’m not a fan of the “let-your-bra-straps-show” look.”

103  Eco-Crone Tribute to a Teacher - Marian Van Eyk McCain
“My teacher has lived all her life in the woods. Although she has never travelled, been to college or even a library, she is extremely wise.”

105  Croning Tips for a Successful CeremonyBayla Bower
“I have found it both helpful and essential to image the entire ceremony: to feel what each of us is holding, where each of us is standing, plus the interactions among the priestesses and others in the community.”

107  Creature Comforts An Old Bitch - Barbara Hand Clow
“Molly, our first rescue dog, is our resident Granny Clampett, embodying the feistiness, relentlessness and resourcefulness that made Granny, of The Beverly Hillbillies, both delightful and undaunted.”