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Issue No. 3

Table of Contents

Features & Interviews

  8  Birthing Crone: The Provocative Art of Helen Redman Ann Kreilkamp
For half century, Helen Redman has been making art that tracks events, both
momentous and ordinary, in the human life cycle. Her work is a visual memoir of the flux and flow of embodiment and identity.

 22  Awestruck by Beauty: The Life & Art of Bobbie Gill Maggie Fenton
The wild arrangement of flowers, berries, greenery and twigs in front of the speaker’s podium kept drawing my eye. When I asked who had done it the answer was “Bobbi Gill.” Some said she was a spiritual director; others, that she was an artist; one intriguingly described her as a “gatherer of women.”

 36  Lady Olivia: In Service to the Divine Feminine Aya Rose
In 1976, Lady Olivia (together with her brother and sister-in-law) co-founded The International Fellowship of Isis, a non-hierarchal fellowship that now includes over 30,000 members in over 125 countries. Now an ageless 93, Lady Olivia is still a force to be reckoned with.


  42  Crone Poetry
Seeing in the Dark; Survival; Above the Small Lake, the Moon; Winter; More; Dancing with Green Bees; Becoming Visible at Sixty-Eight

  50  Crone Action
Raging Grannies: Peace, Protest & Performance. PLUS Crone Caws: A Veteran Speaks Out on War & Peace

  60  Loss & Transformation
Finding My Parents; Helen’s Bloomers; In Memory of Ruth

  70  Crone Lives
Helen Thayer: “Quitting is Not an Option”

  76  Crone Encounters
Preguntale a la Luna — Ask the Moon; Image of My Grandmother; An Open Letter to She Who Understands

  86  Crone Circles
Colorado Crone Circle of Wise Women

112  Crone Eye - Reviews from Our Readers

122  Crone Correspondence - Letters from Our Readers


   1  Focus Ann Kreilkamp

 89  Living the Shift Joan Bird

 93  Crone Reflections Rita Bresnahan

 95  Family Crone Connie Dawson

 97  Crone Sexuality Pat Hanson

101  Wise Health Christine Page

103  (Not So) Strictly Speaking Lindy High

105  Eco-Crone Marian Van Eyk McCain

107  Croning Patricia Leyden

109  Creature Comforts Lee Pelham Cotton

125  Coda Anne Newkirk Niven