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Issue No. 4

Table of Contents

Features & Interviews

  6  Heart Cracked Open: My Trial by Fire by Marianna Hartsong
On the afternoon of November 21, 2009, while I was in town playing The Messiah, my house burned to the ground. By the time we returned at 4:30, the first responders were just preparing to search for my body.

 16  Where the Horizon Meets the Sky by M. C. Reardon
I am deathly afraid of heights. So when a writing colleague invited me to join her on a steep hike to Freezeout Saddle on the edge of the Hells Canyon Wilderness, I was at a loss.

 24  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Wrinkles
by Brenda Marroy
— My intense dislike of aging was a result of buying into the societal lie that “it is wrong for an older woman to look her age.”

 29  Not Just a Pain in the Neck: Lessons from a Midlife Goddess
by Lady Willow
— Healing our own emotional pain is often left for last until we are poised on the brink of becoming crones. I like to think of the menopause’s “hot flashes” as the purifying fire of the Goddess.


Crone Poetry
 23  Body Memory by Marie Lavendier
 27  Skin Deep by Andrea Freeman
 28  Evil Stepmother by Colleen Szabo
 53  Salt and Fire and Time by Sarah Knorr

Poet Profile: Anita Jepson-Gilbert
 38  Everywoman
 39  Midlife Blossom
 40  Call of the Faithful

Crone Action
 44  The Tribe of Old Womem by Mary Kate Jordan
 46  PLUS A Conspiracy of Crones by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Crone Adventure
 54  Can’t Get Enough of Those Red Rock Cliffs by Christine Wallin

Loss & Transformation
 63  A Time to Mourn by Mary Farkas
 66  Thank You Bernie MadoffAn interview with Darvesha Victoria MacDonald
 71  Her Life, Her Choice by Max Martinie

Crone Encounters
 76  Inanna & Me by Berta Parrish
 82  Finding Daddy by Jackie Sachen Turner
 85  My Guardian Angel by Colleen DuVall

Crone Circles
 88  Once Upon a Witches’ Moon by Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

114  Crone Eye (reviews)

123  Crone Correspondence


   3  Focus Anne Newkirk Niven

 91  Living the Shift Joan Bird

 95  Crone Sexuality Pat Hanson

101  (Not So) Strictly Speaking Lindy High

103  The Experiment Ann Kreilkamp

107  Wise Health Christine Page

109  Eco-Crone Marian Van Eyk McCain

111  Creature Comforts Lee Pelham Cotton